Lady of Milan – A Christmas story

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“Milan, Italy 2013

One of our memorable experiences took place in Milan, Italy in November last year. Arriving from Nice we were late.

Late night we decided to stroll from our Hotel to Milano Centrale, the main station of Milan. What we were to see was unprecedented, a true reflection of our times.

Strolling through the cafes within the perimeters of the Milan railway station, we noticed the hectic come and go of passengers; as well as all kinds of characters of different people, races, nationalities.”

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What Henry Africas : Heinz Rainer – African cultures – perilous journeys

What Henry Africas

Journey to the rain forest of Guinea. 5000 miles by road. Stay with us deep in the rainforest of west Africa.

Where the green hell awaits you ..

What Henry Africas : Heinz Rainer – African cultures – perilous journeys.