Eight hundred years – still going strong


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On the way to Southern Yunnan we came across this 800 years old Tea tree. Its leaves are still harvested today and processed into PU ERH CHA, a tea of splendid taste and properties.
A visit to a tea factory following the visit to this nature haven.
What inspired me most was the fact that this was not the oldest tree in Yunnan.
There was another one which was 1300 !! years old. One can only be amazed.
Imagine how many dynasties, generations have passed, yet this tree still stands high and thrives in this old land.
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My visit to this tropical sanctuary; marvels upon marvels discovered in a lush tropical green, surrounded by a lake covered with Water lilies pink; Gibbons crying in the morning human like from the forest, its hard to find a more calm retreat; Those who are fortunate to visit this beauty will never forget it;
My favorite : Pink grapefruit ripened plucked from the trees; some pink guavas and bright yellow passion fruits; Wild grown Bananas as big as a Coke bottle; what you can’t eat I feed to Gibbons the early morning;
Wonders of nature; my personal tropical retreat, off the beaten track;




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Khao Yai National Park Thailand;

Two hours from Bangkok on the N1 highway lies the Khao Yai National Park.

With its beautiful hills and national protected Park this is one popular holiday destinations in Thailand.

Thais swarm on weekends and holidays to its resorts, luxurious retreats.

Golf courses, wine growers, hiking acticvities, and much more are readily available for visitors.

Those who ave time can visit the Khao Yai National Park animal sanctuary featuring wild elephants, tigers, leopards, monkeys and a variety of other species.

Advisable to take a park ranger, as sometimes wild animals attack unweary city slickers.




Potala palace view

61 Potala palace view

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As a profound lover of Tibetan culture, its people, its customs, I travelled many times to Tibet.
Amongst many jewels I have come across is the Potala Palace, its majestic, sheer gigantic size inspires many visitors from all over the globe.I do not heed to the public outcry of pseudo Tibetan experts, I have seen happy Tibetans on my journeys.
Each person I came across was smiling, and their smiles come from within the heart.

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