Where eagles dare – on Qinghai plateau

Qinghai Lhasa RoadLhasa Qinghai Road

What was worse than three days two nights on the road was, nobody knew exactly when we would reach our final destination.

Lhasa Potala PalaceImage by Africasiaeuro via Flickr

The day before leaving Lhasa, we were contemplating which form of Transport was the most suitable. After experienceing severe altitude sickness when I flew into Lhasa, I decided not to repeat the same mistake again. Altitude sickness can be deadly. I was terribly ill, the sudden pressure difference between near zero sea level and a rapid decrease of pressure at 3800 meters did not go down well with me. It took me days to recover, a visit to the TibetanHospital included. —-

Barkor Street in Lhasa, TibetImage via Wikipedia

———————– Here we were, at this godforsaken place in the middle of nowhere, at three a.m. now driving through an unknown deep forest. The fellow passengers were all anxiously gazing out of their window expressing their discontent. No matter how we all thought, the driver carried on till he reached a tiny hamlet in the forest, shrouded in total darkness. Within minutes, he grabbed a box of Alcoholic drinks and disappeared in the night, leaving all passengers behind. It was another passenger who overheard the driver saying he will be back in 15 minutes. —- The scenery could have been from ‘Frankenstein‘, the movie, since outside looked all eerie and ghostly. No soul, no light, no movement. A Ghost town ? Some of the passengers took some courage and ventured outside, in the dark, chilly air, still light, yet different from Lhasa. We had, after all travelled for two nights and two days and made over 4000 km by road on the Tibet plateau. The fresh cold air brought back some life into us. And this moment I felt the slight touch on my face; snow flakes dropping down on me, within seconds the sky was full of them. Somehow these scene always returns back. The falling snow somehow dampened our frustrations , voices started to fade, with snow acting as a filter. Thick, heavy now fell, covering all the ground within minutes. Waiting for an hour without a sign of the driver, everyone got nervous. We decided to honk. Another funny thing, awkward feeling, standing in the middle of a hamlet, inmidst of a forest, honking the horn of the vehicle, passengers voiced out their frustration over the delay. Nothing happened, absolutely nothing for the next two hours. In the meantime temperatures were dropping more now, we started to shiver.cont. next episodes

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bamboo forest

bamboo forest

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Bamboo forest of lost souls .. History has it two Empresses Ehuang and Nvying, wives of Emperor Shun, both from the island, were taken from their husbands. After the death of the Emperor, they returned to the Island to search for their husbands.
When they heard that both their husbands had died, they were both so grieved they themselves committed suicide by drowning themselves in the water surrounding the forest.
Wandering through the bamboo forest on a cold and rainy day in December, fog covering the hills and stretching deep in the forest. The fog so dense one can not see more than a few yards.
Here the place was solitude, tranquil, without any sound, rain drenched bamboo leaves touching, I tried not to disturb the peace of the two Empresses, who are buried here. Here the time has stood still and the forest will hide its secrets forever.
You freeze at any slight sound; densely populated foliage, your thoughts wander back a thousand years trying to unravel the drama that played here in times gone by.

Bamboo Forest of lost souls


Shanghai art performer

Shanghai art performer

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Ancient Chinese chose dance as the art form to pay respect to Heaven and the divine, appreciate the universe and life, and praise kindness and virtue.

Characteristics of Chinese Classical Dance

The Emphasis in Chinese Classical dance lies on the spirit: Half of the emphasis is not on the human surface but on the spirit of the subject, its allure, and the inner meanings. This is the reason that Chinese culture is considered to be semi-divine. Every dance and every dancer has different allure. Two dancers with the same movements will come across totally differently.

Rich techniques: It has incorporated dance elements of folk operas, and techniques in ballet, Chinese operas, Chinese martial art forms, creating a unique system.

History of Chinese Classical Dance

Chinese dance dates back over 5,000 years to the Royal Court dances of the semi-divine culture of the Zhou, Tang, and Song Dynasties, where the character of the nation was expressed through dance, incorporating movements influenced by folk stories, historic figures and classic myths and legends, and expressing society’s respect for morality, compassion, loyalty, wisdom, and trustworthiness.

For centuries classical Chinese dance was passed down mostly among the common people. After 1919, however, dedicated artists believed that they had a responsibility to systematically document Chinese dance—that was the beginning of the formal teaching of classical Chinese dance. To develop and rejuvenate folk dance, the artists learned from dance elements of folk operas, and incorporated techniques in ballet training and Chinese martial art forms, creating a unique system of classical Chinese dance.

How to Appreciate Chinese Classical Dance

Chinese dance requires the dancers to undergo strict physical training. Actions and movements called “body techniques” need to be accurate and precise, and every action, movement and look needs to follow the preset rules of Chinese dance. For example, a single dance movement from one part of the body should lead to the movement of the entire body, as all movements are interrelated. Any movements of hands, eyes, and feet have to follow the movement of the whole body. This takes extreme precision and control.

More importantly, a dancer’s spiritual realm will be reflected in his or her performance so the dancer must have good mental cultivation to be able to “let the movements be lead by spirit.” Therefore, the performers not only need to solidly master the techniques of Chinese dance, but also perfect their moral character and willpower in order to portray the fundamental inner meaning of the Chinese culture imparted by the divine.

Credit : Asian Research

online piracy on wordpress.org ?

Imagine your surprise when searching google keywords and find that your post has been pirated under a different Blog framework.

This is exactly what happened recently.

Posted the real event in 2007 on articlesbase :   http://www.articlesbase.com/exotic-locations-articles/mandiana-niani-mali-border-156889.html

Yet I found my article posted by tuaregontherun :   http://tuaregontherun.com/mandiana-customs-scam-night-in-the-savanna-barrages-de-selingui-mali in August 2010.

The extent of copyright  infringement this represents, and the implications to wordpress.org , (hosting  the blog) our lawyers will have to establish.

On another case, again related to ‘turageontherun’ the google search showed another article published by me, but detailed search could not establish the actual article itself.

I feel that a lesson should be drawn from such incident to deter others from copy-paste tactics to use copyright materials on the web.