Why I Quit Coffee

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Emily Nolin .Com

Because I could.

The end.

Just kidding. It’s obviously not that simple.

Here’s the slightly more complex version of how I came to quit coffee*

*As I started to write this, Leo** began making coffee for the first time in weeks, ironically tempting me in a way that hasn’t happened in…weeks. How fitting.

(**Another vice of mine is continuing to live with my ex after the break up. That’s next on my list…)

Like most other people, I got roped into the coffee drinking scheme somewhere in my life, though I don’t remember when or how I started doing it. But I liked it (or maybe I worked up to that point) and it had its place in my life. Mostly, I used it for writing and working out. With either one, I would time it so that I could get the most writing or working out done, while I…

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