Austria music

Austria , Graz, capital province of Styria.

I met a accordion player of exceptional standard. Johann played on a traditional, fully handcrafted accordion made from local fir. Such instruments are rare, just as Johann himself.
I have not come across such player throughout my life. In this song he performs for me he sings about his girlfriend : ‘ My girlfriend is the cow maid ‘.
However simple this may sound, it has a special meaning. In Austria ‘s alpine pastures local girls are as pretty as can be. Perhaps a number of reasons may contribute to this fact, the fresh, clear mountain air may be one of them, naturally grown food another.
Exercise is not a strange word to those girls Johann refers to. They move with their cattle up the mountains for a whole day, each day during the summer season.
Enjoy watching : ‘ My girlfriend is the cow maid ‘ – by Johann ( John)
If you want to acquire a hand crafted accordion please contact me aheneghana(at)
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Johann , accordion playerJohann , accordion player

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Austria music played by accordion virtuoso Johann Pfuisi, his accordion is handcrafted by artisans from local fir.. Excellent sound, fantastic resonance properties can be found in such instruments. If you want such masterpiece please contact me.
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2 thoughts on “Austria music

  1. John is my absolute favorite accordion player. When I met him in Graz, province of Styria, Austria, I asked him to perform for me one of his most popular songs.
    He sung this song for me, as simple as it may sound, it does have lots of meaning. ‘ My girlfriend is the cow girl ‘.
    One would assume the song to be rather basic. Not so. It tells the relationship between a cowgirl and local girls in general. ‘ Beautiful flowers – pretty maids ‘ it goes on.
    Listen to the song and forgive the poor sound quality. It was posted without enhancement.

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