Where eagles dare – on Qinghai plateau

Qinghai Lhasa RoadLhasa Qinghai Road

What was worse than three days two nights on the road was, nobody knew exactly when we would reach our final destination.

Lhasa Potala PalaceImage by Africasiaeuro via Flickr

The day before leaving Lhasa, we were contemplating which form of Transport was the most suitable. After experienceing severe altitude sickness when I flew into Lhasa, I decided not to repeat the same mistake again. Altitude sickness can be deadly. I was terribly ill, the sudden pressure difference between near zero sea level and a rapid decrease of pressure at 3800 meters did not go down well with me. It took me days to recover, a visit to the TibetanHospital included. —-

Barkor Street in Lhasa, TibetImage via Wikipedia

———————– Here we were, at this godforsaken place in the middle of nowhere, at three a.m. now driving through an unknown deep forest. The fellow passengers were all anxiously gazing out of their window expressing their discontent. No matter how we all thought, the driver carried on till he reached a tiny hamlet in the forest, shrouded in total darkness. Within minutes, he grabbed a box of Alcoholic drinks and disappeared in the night, leaving all passengers behind. It was another passenger who overheard the driver saying he will be back in 15 minutes. —- The scenery could have been from ‘Frankenstein‘, the movie, since outside looked all eerie and ghostly. No soul, no light, no movement. A Ghost town ? Some of the passengers took some courage and ventured outside, in the dark, chilly air, still light, yet different from Lhasa. We had, after all travelled for two nights and two days and made over 4000 km by road on the Tibet plateau. The fresh cold air brought back some life into us. And this moment I felt the slight touch on my face; snow flakes dropping down on me, within seconds the sky was full of them. Somehow these scene always returns back. The falling snow somehow dampened our frustrations , voices started to fade, with snow acting as a filter. Thick, heavy now fell, covering all the ground within minutes. Waiting for an hour without a sign of the driver, everyone got nervous. We decided to honk. Another funny thing, awkward feeling, standing in the middle of a hamlet, inmidst of a forest, honking the horn of the vehicle, passengers voiced out their frustration over the delay. Nothing happened, absolutely nothing for the next two hours. In the meantime temperatures were dropping more now, we started to shiver.cont. next episodes

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