Art on Porcelain

AAE has been collecting valuable art objects for about 10 years. We pride ourselves with selections of hand painted, handcrafted porcelain Vases,  figurines, paintings.

Our collectors sources are superb, a result of many years interactions with artists around the world.

Intimate friendships connect us with those Artists.

Paintings are single,  a once per life time piece of art.  As a result they are expensive. For example ‘Winter Landscape’ is sold at 550 000 Euros. The artist has spent many years crafting the wonderful painting. Seated on a carved Rosewood screen, the length is 2,80 m and width is 1,80 m.

There are many Vases, and paintings available. Due to the individuality of craftsmanship,  all object are unique, and you won’t find duplicates.

Transporting those items poses a real challenge. When carrying a 2,2 m tall Vase with over a 100 kgs, one must exercise extreme caution. A slight mistake and your efforts have been in vain.

We insure the Vases to its full value and as a result, prices are accordingly.

If you have an interest in Vases, contact us :


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